How should I use nasal spray.

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Many people may wonder how just spraying their nose will help prevent inhalation of dust, smoke, and various viruses. It must be explained that in the nasal spray there is a substance that has the ability to attract water substances to form a gel that coats the cavity mucosa. keep your nose It acts like the first layer of a city wall that prevents any foreign substances in the air from coming into contact with the cells in the body.

However, this spray can be used when we go out and must take off our face masks. Got to meet a lot of people or are in areas that are at risk for the spread of germs, such as markets, department stores, parks, schools, fitness centers, on สมัคร ufabet airplanes, and various crowded places.

Nasal sprays currently available can be divided into 2 main groups.

1. Nasal sprays, a group of medicines used to treat diseases Relieve sickness

           It is a nasal spray that contains medicines for relieving various symptoms such as antihistamines, medicines to reduce inflammation, reduce swelling, which helps relieve nasal congestion, allergies, and sinusitis. There are both steroid medicines and non-medication forms. Steroids

2. General nasal spray used to prevent dust and trap viruses.

           That does not contain medicine. But they are often made from natural extracts that help keep the nasal mucosa moist. It may contain a mixture of saline that helps clean the inside of the nose. Or in the powder spray form, it will contain moisturizing substances. and substances that draw water in the nasal cavity to form a gel that coats the nasal membranes It’s there to trap dust and viruses so they don’t invade the respiratory system.

How to use.

Although each type of nasal spray has a different time and opportunity for use, But in general, have similar basic methods of use as follows.

  • Clean your nose by washing. Or blow your nose to leave as little mucus as possible. Ready to wipe your nose dry
  • Shake the bottle vertically before using the nasal spray. Using the index and middle fingers, place them on the shoulder of the bottle.
  • Press the nasal spray to expel air before use. Until the medicine turns into a mist
  • Position yourself appropriately for taking medicine. (Depends on the recommendations of each nasal spray)
  • Close the nostril on the side where the nasal spray is not being sprayed.
  • Insert the spray tip into the uncovered hole. and spray the vertically.
  • Spray the medicine into the shape of the nose by pressing hard. and breathe in slowly
  • Repeat with the other nostril.
  • Wipe the nasal spray clean. and close the lid properly.
  • You should not blow your nose for at least 15 minutes after spraying your nose.