How to soak in an onsen correctly.

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Soaking in onsen is a long-standing culture in Japan that Japanese people use to relax from fatigue. Including to nourish the skin and treat various diseases. Onsen refers to a hot spring with a temperature of around 40 – 44 degrees Celsius. In Japan, there are many onsen hot springs to choose from. There are both natural onsen and onsen that use natural hot spring water. Inside the water, there are various minerals mixed in, each of which has skin-nourishing properties. Nourish the circulatory system and treat different diseases.

Bathing in hot springs has been a culture of the Japanese people for a long time. It can be said to be a part of the distinctive culture. It is also a very unique part of Japan’s way of life. However, nowadays the amount of onsen has decreased compared to the past. and concentrated only in certain areas.

Baths for men and women when soaking in the public onsen. and must be completely naked In addition to learning to shake off shyness, We also had to learn etiquette for UFABET soaking in onsen.

Take off all your clothes.

When friends come into the onsen The service provider will provide a small towel the size of a hair towel for us. When we receive it, we have to throw away the feelings of shame. Because we have to take off every piece of clothing. Put all your belongings in a locker. Only a small towel remains that can be taken inside.

Wash your body every time before soaking.

Before walking to the onsen pond If anyone is embarrassed when they come to the washing point. We can use a small towel to cover the parts we are not sure about. The washing process is very important. Because we must cleanse the dirt by soaping the entire body thoroughly before soaking in the onsen with others. If someone has long hair, they should tie it neatly.

Adjust body temperature

When finished cleaning the body We need to adjust our body temperature by pouring hot water over ourselves, starting with our hands, feet, arms, legs, body, and head in that order. This is to allow the body to get use to the temperature of the hot water before soaking in the onsen.

Soak half of your body.

When the body temperature adjustment is finish It’s time to really soak in the hot springs. Start by folding the towel you received initially and placing it over your head so that the towel doesn’t fall into the water. Then slowly soak only the legs first, then slowly move down until the shoulders are covered. Normally, soaking Each onsen lasts approximately 10 – 20 minutes. While soaking, you should not make loud noises.

After soaking in the onsen, do not bathe immediately.

When friends finish soaking in the hot springs You should not walk to the shower immediately because you may faint because your body cannot adjust to its temperature in time. Important minerals will disappear from the body as well We should sit and rest for a few more minutes to allow the body to absorb the minerals from the onsen. And before going to the dressing room, you should dry yourself off and then dress properly.

Drink water after soaking.

Soaking in the onsen causes the body to lose water. Therefore, we should gradually Sip water to rehydrate your body.