Yoro wants to go to Madrid more than any other team.

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Lille defender Leni Yoro wants to join Real Madrid more than any other team. According to sport reports last Sunday night.

The 18-year-old defender has become an important force for Atletico Madrid. With his performance this season playing 41 games in all competitions, scoring 3 goals. Causing many clubs to become interested in him in the summer market.UFABET 

With a contract that lasts until the middle of 2025, plus a new discussion situation has not progressed. This has led the French media to estimate that there is a chance. That Lille will have to sell this young man from the team.

Recently, Sports Zone, a French media outlet, reported that. Yoro wishes to move to play for Real Madrid even though offers from Paris Saint-Germain or Chelsea may seem better than famous Spanish teams.

This situation still remains to be seen if the White Kings are seriously preparing to enter the field or not. With this season’s La Liga champion being continuously linked with Yoro as well.

As of now, French media believe that everything will be decided after the 2023/24 season ends. With all sides preparing to determine their own stance. Especially Yoro, who is considered the key to the transfer.